An Essential Guide About Credit Checks

Although many people are fully aware of the existence of credit checks not everyone fully understands exactly how they work. The credit institutions have criteria that you are building a history against which affects your ability to attain credit. One of the exceptions to this rule is no credit check payday loans.

However outside of the realm of payday loans with no credit check the process starts off with your initial application form. This is when the lending institutions gather information, some of it basic, and other information which may not even appear relevant to you at the time of your application. All of this information is used as part of your profile and scoring process you will build once you hit the age to start applying for credit. A no credit check payday loan company will assess other factors very quickly such as that you are in full time employment, with your wages going into your bank account which has a debit card.

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The traditional lending institutions will apply to one of the main credit reference agencies. There are three main ones in the UK and they hold information from the electoral roll as well as any bankruptcies or court judgments. AS well as this information is passed onto them from the various building societies and banks regarding your payment history on loans, credit cards, mortgages and so on.

As a rule not all three will have all your information and not all banks pass onto all three. So if you are planning to apply for credit through these channels then it is a good idea to make sure that your credit history is up to date by checking with the agencies as it may not be and this could cause you a problem. However if it is a smaller amount of money you require it is a viable choice to avail of a no credit check payday loan which you can often have in a matter of hours.

The kind of thing that can show up on these credit check reports are even if you missed one payment on a monthly loan another prospective lender can see this. If the pattern shows that you have caught up and this was obviously the exception to the rule then the lender will judge that for what it is. However ongoing missed payments will also be seen and judged. If you are in a joint financial situation with someone whether for a mortgage or credit card, this is then seen as a financial association. If this person has had credit problems in the past they can be held against you also.

If you are someone who has had a number of late payments but you feel that there was some kind of genuine reason, you can in this instance write a short letter for your file. Perhaps you ended up in hospital or you were unemployed for a period. Whatever your situation if you can plan ahead and evaluate your life into smaller amounts of necessary credits then you can avail of the easier solution of no credit check payday loans.

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