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As the 2008 presidential election looms closer, the public is becoming anxious as to the negative or positive changes that a new president can bring about regarding the economy. At a more personal level, each and every individual and family that has felt the severe financial crunch of the recession are worried as bankruptcy and foreclosure become a very possible reality.

If bankruptcy is the only alternative to ease one's financial burdens, the majority of professional bankruptcy attorneys would recommend paying only the essentials such as mortgage, utilities, and groceries and to discontinue paying on all credit cards and other forms of revolving credit. This should be done several months in advance to declaring bankruptcy.

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A credit score lower than 500 is virtually impossible to repair without declaring bankruptcy. Until recently it had been feasible to receive a loan with a credit score of around 530; however the interest rate would have reached exorbitant heights with almost no chance of paying it back in less than 20 years. With many of the large lenders and banks in serious financial turmoil and near ruin, the days of loose lending have come to a close.

For those individuals that have already declared bankruptcy and are finding it difficult to re-establish a positive credit history, consulting a financial planner or even your human resource office at work may be highly beneficial. Many companies and employers make employees eligible or have access to credit unions which can help a family out with more forgiving interest rates than a bank would be willing to extend.

Unemployment benefits have recently been extended and are now just starting to be utilized by those individuals without jobs. Reliance upon the federal government is a short term "patch" though. The best solution is to take whatever job is available until something better can be found. The local unemployment office has many resources that any individual can make use of without cost in order to find that better job. The key is to actively explore these options instead of glancing through the local newspaper. Employment will come much faster through the use of job fairs and the unemployment office.

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