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With the economy in tatters, unemployment rampant and housing foreclosures skyrocketing, you might want to take action rather than waste more time waiting for the government stimulus program to kick in. After all, the same Wall Street bankers the President says he has reined in reported record profits while the unemployed he has helped have been sitting cut off from benefits for more than a month. Do you really think the government can solve your economic problems? It cannot, but you can. That is why you should go back to school right now.

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Unemployed people especially should go back to school. If you look at this time in your life as a chance to build new skills and build a new career, you are on the right track. Community colleges, tech schools, and other public and private schools have seen an influx of adult students, so why not join them? If "finances" is your answer to that question, you still should go to school.

Federal student aid is available to students of all ages and from all walks of life. By letting the financial aid office of your local college know about your loss of employment, you can qualify for grants based on your reduced income. This means that a lot of unemployed workers can go back to college almost for free. You may never have another opportunity like this again.

You might think that I have left you out if you still have a job, but I have not: employed workers should go back to school this year too. In a competitive work environment, people are out for "Number One." That means people will stab you in the back and run you down if it means they keep their job and you get laid off. Increasing your value to your employer will help you keep your job during tough times. By learning new skills and improving old ones, you can take on more responsibility within the company, meaning that you are more productive and valuable. Nothing, even money woes, should keep you from going back to school this year.

Many companies offer to pay for part or all of employee education, so the Human Resources benefits office could be your first stop. Also, consult with the Financial Aid office at your college to see what grants, loans, and special programs you qualify for. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how little going back to college can cost.

Perhaps the last excuse you have for not going back to school is time: you just cannot stop your job search or take precious work time or evening time to trudge off to the college campus for class. Most colleges nowadays have online-education, meaning that you can do your coursework when you get the chance. Whether in the morning, at night, or during your lunch break, you can now find time to go to college based on your schedule.

Whether you need to qualify for a new career or to stay competitive in an old one, now is the time for you to go back to school. Now go get started!

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