US Middle Class? (Endangered Species)

Do you believe the U.S. middle class is an endangered species? I most certainly do! There are strong forces propelling "Middle Class" America into Poor America. It is no secret that the solid financial structure once held by working families (U.S. Middle Class) is slowly dwindling as if the foundation was built upon wet sand.

I have spent more time than I would like to admit in Corporate America working in the Collections industry. What I have noticed personally is the large number of Families moving into the poor house. I cannot begin to count the homes that I have ordered an unwelcomed visit by the "Repo Man."

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I most definitely am not boasting. It truly saddens me. I have managed too many accounts in which had excellent payment histories, and then all of a sudden, they could no longer pay. I have witnessed, and spoken to an abundance of hardworking people whom lost it all during this recession.

Just as we have transitioned from the industrial age to the information age, a much bigger transition is upon us. We will soon be in the land of the "Rich" and the "Poor", the "Haves" and the "Have Nots"! Evaluating the subject of the United States unemployment is alarming for many.

Consequently, the increase in the length of unemployment is having a profound effect on "Middle Class America". In case you are not aware, there is a cause and effect factor within any economic crisis. For instance, while there are so many Americans out job hunting, there are just as many going back to school.

What is the "Cause and Effect Factor" you may ask? Well, in my opinion that is just going to cause even more headache and strife. Now, there will be a mountain of student loan debt, and an increasing United States Unemployment rate.

My theory is, those who did not have a degree before, will now run out and get one, those who had a degree will run out and get a masters, and those who had a masters,??? You fill in the blank.... There will be an over abundance of educated Americans competing for the same non-existing jobs.

This sea of competition as I have just described, is the ammunition big businesses need in order to pay lower wages! If you do not believe this to be so, you will be one of many stuck in the "Have Not, Poor America" category.

News Flash!! Businesses are already outsourcing employment overseas in order to pay lower wages. Therefore, again, I ask, do you believe the "Middle Class" is an endangered species?

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