How Does Student Debt Affect Credit Score?

Most student loan programs give new graduates from six to nine months before they have to begin paying back the debt. That helps people new in their careers find jobs and begin getting used to paying monthly expenses.
However, sometimes that time is not enough and if students don't know how to deal with this situation their credit report may end up ruined.

Credit Score and Loan Repayment

How student loans affect the ability to get credit can vary. Loan repayment can affect a credit rating in a negative or a positive way depending on how well the loan is being repaid. The key to repayment is time and quality (meaning that you pay the installment in full and not partly)

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If the loan is being repaid on time, a student loan is actually establishing a good credit history. Once a person has paid a year or two on time, they may even be able to qualify for a car loan or other loan, even if they don't have revolving credit accounts or didn't have any previous credit history at all.

If the new graduate had trouble finding a job and was forced to be under-employed or unemployed, there could be a problem. When a student loan becomes delinquent or goes into default, credit history can be greatly affected. In some cases, professional licenses can be revoked if the debtor doesn't repay the loan. Even doctors and lawyers have been known to default on student loans.

If you have missed some student loan payments, be sure to check to see if your positive repayment history is correctly reported by all three credit bureaus. If you find that it isn't being reported correctly, ask your lender to do it. Since late payments and missed payments drop your credit score, once you recover from your financial problems and start paying on time you want your payments to be reported so as to recover your credit.

Income Is Also An Issue

But even when a repayment history is good, a large
student loan debt may have creditors taking a long look at your debt ratio. A home or vehicle may be out of reach for quite awhile if your student loan, rent and other credit obligations are above two-thirds of your salary.
Even if you're keeping expenses down and don't have a lot of credit obligations, if the principal balances on the student loans haven't changed much, you'll have a harder time getting credit. Worse is if the balance is getting larger.
That happens when you've taken forbearance on the loan. Accruing interest on the forbearance adds to the outstanding balance and increases the overall debt. What you need to do is to pay your student loan on time every time to build up good credit as far as possible.

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