How I Would Fix the Economy

The federal government should, first of all, take back the billions given to AIG before it is all dispersed on parties and executive bonuses.

Next, the government should set up a program to repair the infrastructure of bridges, roadways, etc that are in disrepair. Very few contracts should be given to private contractors. The Army Corps of Engineers should oversee it all. The first people hired should be those on unemployment or whose unemployment has run out. After the unemployed, any workers hired must have a valid social security number and prove citizenship.

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This would prevent future foreclosures, give people back their dignity, and put the economy back on the right track. This would also help many of the cities that are experiencing shortfalls in their budget. Once people are again working, real estate and sales taxes would again begin to fill the coffers of the towns and cities where they live.

Any roadway, etc, owned by a private company should not qualify for repair. I say this because I know of at least one turnpike which was sold to a foreign company.

I am sure the billions being squandered could be put to a much better use. Any money given to private companies should be a loan, and those companies have to pay it back, all of it.

If there were any subsidies given to private companies, those companies have to show the subsidies were used for the purpose intended. Any company making billions of profit should not be allowed to get any more money from the government, and they have to prove what the subsidies there were given were used for. If not used for the purpose intended, the companies have to pay it all back, with interest.


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