No Jobs Likely For Those Over 45 - Self Employment Only Option

Systemic unemployment will affect those over 45 years of age more than anyone else; this specifically because of the oversupply of young unemployed citizens as well as rampant outsourcing. Unfortunately many of those over 45 years of age are the same people who are buying into the tenant of less government programs & low taxes which effectively hurts them whether unemployed or not.

If you are over 45 years of age and unemployed, your prospect for employment at any level you expect going forward is grim. Your only option is self employment so find a passion and get on with it. Luckily with the passage of healthcare reform, employment by a major corporation to ensure healthcare is no longer necessary as you can no longer be denied the purchase of healthcare insurance.

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If you are 45 years of age and employed prepare yourself to be replaced by a younger less expensive employee or be all together outsourced, so act as if you are unemployed.

It is imperative that we are cognizant that America is going through a profound paradigm shift that we better grasp rather quickly. There is absolutely nothing on the horizon that would have our major corporations create jobs in America as outsourcing has made America a poor fiduciary choice for many of these corporation's shareholders.

We need not despair however as this downturn could be a blessing for free enterprise over corrupted capitalism, the unemployed creating jobs for themselves however difficult. Note however this can only be accomplished if we ensure our government make available the social structures as started with healthcare reform and going forward with small business loan programs and a tax structure beneficial to the small business & self-employed over corporate giveaways.

Most importantly it is imperative to become an informed voter that will ensure the right questions are asked and answered by politicians. Leave the sound bites behind.

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